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Discipline, Empowerment and Committment

Being a small coffee farmer means being disciplined, empowered, and committed to their families and the community. It's working tirelessly to produce high-quality coffee to secure a better income for their families. They are individuals of determination, entrepreneurship, and resilience. They hold immense pride in their role as coffee farmers, striving to preserve their parents' legacy and motivating the youth to continue the journey.

A Portrait of Small Coffee Farmers

In Colombia, the average small coffee farmer is around 59 years old, tending to a modest 4-hectare farm that typically produces about 2,000 kilos of coffee per harvest. This scenario is emblematic of the majority of the 550,000 small producer families in Colombia, and certainly, echoes the experiences of similar farmers worldwide.

For most, a primary harvest occurs once a year, occasionally supplemented by smaller "pepeos" throughout the remaining months. As a result, coffee constitutes their primary source of annual income, with a net profit averaging USD$1,950, equivalent to approximately USD$162 per month.

Our Transformative Journey Began with 50 Inspirational Women

We initiated our journey alongside 50 remarkable women from El Tambo, Cauca. Our current mission? To expand and maximize our impact by establishing connections with over 500 coffee growers across the regions of Cauca, Huila, Tolima, and Cundinamarca. The roadmap to achieving this ambitious goal involves forming strategic partnerships with companies, brands, coffee shops, and roasters on a global scale.

Together, we are dedicated to fostering a profound appreciation for exceptional coffee while championing inclusivity and equity within the industry.

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