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About us

At Indiegrow, we create a bridge between small-scale women coffee growers in Latin America and coffee lovers around the world who want to create change.

Who we are

We are Laura and Alejo, two friends committed to developing tools for small rural entrepreneurs in Colombia so that they're able to learn and improve their quality of life.

We believe that connecting people is the best way to empower and make a difference in small growers' lives.


It all started three years ago when we had the chance to immerse ourselves in the world of the flagship product in Colombia: coffee. At that time, we didn't know anything about the coffee industry, we were just coffee fans who wanted to learn more about rural life in Colombia. So, we visited some regions and started having conversations with many coffee growers, especially women, who work very hard to grow their coffee.

During the field trips, we began to understand the main challenges small-holder women producers face today: dealing with fluctuating prices of unroasted coffee (as a commodity, it depends on the stock exchange's uncertainty), lack of interest from their relatives and children to continue with coffee farming, and not having a representative role in the industry, where women do not have control over their income, how to spend it, or even make decisions on their own farms.


Then a new dream was born: to found a startup company that gives visibility to small-holder producers, focused on gender equality, and with the main goal of connecting producers and consumers using technology so that they can increase their income. To set up a talented founder team, Laura brings her experience in rural communities development and Alejo in technology startups growth.

This is how Indiegrow was born.

Our DNA | Indiegrow

INDIE: we are independent, detaching ourselves from the large traditional industries. We work hard, so small-holder farmers who are at the beginning of the value chains increase their income.

GROW: we exist so that small Colombian rural enterprises grow, through the creation of a digital marketing channel that connects them with international markets. We grow, we develop, we cultivate, we all move forward, together.

What we do

We work hand in hand with small-scale coffee producers in Colombia, to bring them closer to technologies that can make agriculture more attractive, profitable, and transparent. We reduce intermediaries and help coffee producers develop skills that translate into higher income for them.

To connect coffee growers with coffee lovers, we created a digital e-commerce platform that provide opportunities that can overcome gender inequality. Through our platform, we work with full transparency and traceability to promote responsible consumption by people who love coffee and also want to have a positive impact on coffee-growing communities.

We make our branding, marketing, digital tech for e-commerce, and strategic partnerships knowledge available to coffee growers communities.

How we work

We create a connection between two worlds by:

1. Developing relationships with women coffee growers who produce specialty coffee.

2. Helping women coffee growers build a great product and create a connection with the people who want to buy their coffee.

3. Offering a great customer experience ensuring that the freshly roasted product is delivered to those coffee lovers in optimum conditions. 

Our values

A day at Indiegrow's headquarters is full of work, excitement, fun, as well as living under these values:

Equality: We're N°1 fans of equality and new opportunities, especially for women. Giving people what they really deserve is our motto.

Delivering results: We have lots of fun doing what we do, but we're also pretty serious when it comes to performance and results delivery.

Transparency: We communicate every step we take to different stakeholders involved (beneficiaries, implementing partners, customers, and investors).

Empathy: We connect with people we work with, understand their realities with no judgment, and create solutions.

Transformation: No greenwashing. We have a genuine intention of creating a real positive impact.

What goal are we working towards?

At Indiegrow, we believe that change is possible. Along with our partners at Mercy Corps and Caficauca, we created a new program: Caficultora 2.0. This initiative supports 50 women coffee growers in Cauca, so they can be autonomous and have economic empowerment.

This way, they can sell their organic roasted coffee to consumers, increase their income, and receive training in marketing, coffee-growing technical knowledge, and human rights.

When these women receive a dependable income that meets the needs of their families, they are empowered to take greater control over their lives and their businesses.

That control not only benefits them but also creates positive change for their families and their communities.


Caficultora 2.0 Project Team: Katerine Orozco (Mercy Corps - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer), Adriana Cruz (Mercy Corps - Coffee Quality Coordinator), Laura Florez (Indiegrow - Community Engagement Coordinator), Alejandro Vizcaino (Indiegrow - Company Manager). 50 Amigas coffee members: Maria Cristina Potosi, Jessica Montero, Ligia Jimenez, Melida Montero, Argenis Rosas.


We joined forces with our partners to create economic, social, and environmental impact that not only benefit the community now but long into the future. The project has financial backing of the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund For Sustaining Peace in Colombia and supported by UN Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund (PBF). 

We welcome you to be part of this movement to continuously collaborate and create together #movingforward #together