From Beans to Dreams: How Indiegrow is Transforming Coffee Farming

A few years ago, a chance coffee meeting changed my life. In Bogotá, Colombia, I met 'Doña Gloria,' a woman coffee farmer from Tolima. Over coffee, she shared her remarkable journey - planting, harvesting, and washing her coffee by hand. I was astounded by her dedication.

Doña Gloria's story opened my eyes to the challenges faced by most small coffee farmers, like her, who often struggle with low prices, low income, and a lack of recognition. They persist out of love for their traditions and families.

Sometime later, I realized that this feeling is shared by most small coffee growers - around 500,000 families in Colombia.

This encounter inspired the birth of Indiegrow, with the mission to amplify the voices of such small producers. We began our journey in El Tambo, Cauca, partnering with 50 women coffee farmers from a region affected by the internal armed conflict in Colombia. We forged our first strategic partnerships with Mercy Corps and Caficauca, with the support of the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund For Sustaining Peace in Colombia.



INDIE: We embrace the independent spirit, breaking free from traditional industries. GROW: Our mission is to foster growth in small rural communities. We thrive, develop, cultivate, and advance, united as one.

Our goal was to bring their specialty coffee to the global market. Despite many challenges, like the onset of COVID-19, we persevered, building trust and creating a brand that honors their friendship.

Today, '50 Amigas - Valiant Collective,' coffee is enjoyed in the United States and Colombia. We've partnered with coffee shops, brands, and corporations, empowering women coffee growers to explore new horizons with their roasted and green coffee beans. And most importantly, we are creating a platform that will serve and benefit many more smallholder farmers.

As we expand into North America, Europe, and Australia, our mission remains: to make the coffee industry more sustainable, equitable, and just.

Join us in this movement for a brighter future.