Crafting Coffee Excellence with Authenticity and Impact

Many coffee brands and roasters are eager to discover exclusive, top-quality coffee with an authentic story. They seek ways to make a positive impact and stand out in a growing market demanding ethically and sustainable sourced products.

Challenges in the Coffee Value Chain

Coffee's global value chain is complex, making it hard for smallholder farmers to thrive. Traceability is low, and transparency is challenging, leaving farmers frustrated and disconnected from consumers.

When smallholder coffee farmers supply their coffee (dried parchment coffee), local buyer offices only evaluate the physical properties of the coffee and pay the farmer based on the yield factor. Large volumes of coffee are then collected and passed on to a trader or exporter. As a result, traceability is very low, and maintaining clear transparency in the process becomes nearly impossible.

This situation has frustrated coffee farmers for years. They have no opportunity to improve their income and quality of life, lack knowledge about the end customers or the destination country for their coffee, and receive no feedback on the taste and quality of their coffee.

A Different Approach

At Indiegrow, we're rewriting this narrative. We're bridging the gap between coffee businesses and farmers, elevating both. This creates better livelihoods for farmers and a more enriching coffee experience for consumers. We believe education is the way for sustainability in the industry.



Bridging the Gender Equality Gap in Agriculture. We started with 50 women farmers, and now we are on the way to 500. We focus on working with women heads of families from vulnerable communities in Colombia. They want to take their legacy and story to the whole world. Their coffee? Think of a harmonious, sweet cup with mellow acidity and flavor notes of chocolate and caramel.


They have traversed a significant path. After several years of experimentation, they cultivate exotic coffee varieties like Gesha and Pink Bourbon, yet they remain relatively unknown. They venture into various fermentation techniques and varietals, crafting a distinct and innovative coffee flavor.
As part of a significant effort, women coffee farmers have maintained a high level of quality of their coffee, receiving scores of +84 points. It's a coffee with sweet notes, perfect for espresso-based and filtered beverages. They hold Fairtrade and Organic certifications. They are marketed in micro-lots ranging from 500 kilograms to 20,000.
It's coffee for your most discerning customers. When we talk about exotic coffees, we're talking about distinct flavors derived from a variety like Gesha or Pink Bourbon that undergoes specific fermentation processes. These coffees typically score above 86 points and are marketed in micro-nano lots starting from 12 kilograms.



We've crafted a comprehensive content package to elevate your customers' coffee journey. Our main goal is to empower your marketing team to build deeper connections with your customers.
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Incentivizing Private Sector Investments in Conflict-Affected Communities in Colombia


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