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A way to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Delivering a more sustainable, equitable and resilient food system

1) AWARD WINNER - From nearly 2,000 applications from 135 countries, the United Nations - Food Systems Summit 2021 selected Indiegrow for how our business contributes to healthier, more sustainable and equitable food for the communities we serve.

2) BEYOND FAIRTRADE - We are driven by the purpose of making the coffee industry more equal, improving women producer's lives by increasing their income. We work hand in hand with women coffee producers from post-conflict regions in Colombia who grow excellent coffee quality to bring them closer to consumers.

3) ECO-FRIENDLY - we support women who grow their coffee in an environmentally friendly way: no chemicals and pesticides use, composting (waste reuse and recycle), and savings on water consumption in their crops.

How is coffee from 50 Amigas different from other coffees?

Buy 50 Amigas Coffee

An inspiring story behind every coffee bean

Your purchase has a positive impact on the community of women producers

Drinking their premium organic Colombian coffee allows women to have greater economic autonomy, strengthen their female leadership and build peace in their community.

As the world’s attention falls on redesigning food systems, it is very important to ensure that the human rights of half of its producers – women – are not left behind.


"The coffee was delicious. The story is even better. I hope the company has lasting positive impacts for the growers, their families and communities, and the environment in which they live and on which they depend"

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Rex Raimond | Louisville, CO

"The 50 Amigas coffee is SOOOO good! I enjoyed some myself and then bought some for my mother for mother's day. You can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and know that you are supporting some amazing women"

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Susan Romanski | Portland, OR

"We love 50 Amigas! On our travels this summer, from one border state (Texas) to another (Minnesota) and to the Rocky Mountains in between, we have taken these coffee beans with us. Our memories of this time in natural beauty and among dear family and friends is now inextricably connected to the taste of these mellow beans".

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Karen Steele | Fort Worth, TX

"A great organization with a clear mission supporting women coffee growers in Colombia who are driven to elevate their standing, their community, and their beans. (It doesn't hurt that the coffee is tasty, too!)"

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Alex Jeffries | Asheville, NC

"When I opened the package I was surprised how carefully each bag was wrapped. It showed me that the coffee was indeed special. The coffee we received was perfect and had no bitterness. The fact it was organically grown is impressive"

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Andrew Wnuk | Kingston, PA