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Building peace and gender equality in Colombia

At Indiegrow, we connect two worlds that share the same passion: Coffee.

We are driven by the purpose of transforming people lives by increasing women producers' income. We work hand in hand with women coffee producers from post-armed conflict territories in Colombia to bring them closer to consumers, making agriculture more attractive, profitable, and transparent.

How is Indiegrow different?

We work together with women coffee growers to co-create their own brand, and deliver it to your doorstep in 2-4 days, offering a unique experience of joy through high quality coffee. Everything you need to start your morning routine off right.

Moreover, we track the positive impact your purchases have on women producers lives and we share all the transformation stories with you.

That is a new way of doing business in the coffee industry.

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Our customers | Andrew Wnuk, Kingston, PA

"When I opened the package I was surprised how carefully each bag was wrapped. It showed me that the coffee was indeed special. The coffee we received was perfect and had no bitterness. The fact it was organically grown is impressive"

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50 AMIGAS - A new paragon in coffee

Great news! We are currently delivering freshly roasted coffee across the U.S!

More than 150 coffee bags have been successfully delivered from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of days.

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Our customers | Brianna Love, San Antonio, TX

What did you feel when you opened your 50 Amigas Coffee order?

"We felt excitement when we opened the order. We loved the wonderful smell of roasted beans and the nice photographs of farmers. We adore the taste of the coffee, especially its nutty notes"

James McDonough | State College, PA

Why did you decide to support the 50 Amigas?

"I whole-heartedly believe that a better future comes from smaller farms, raised by people who really care about their plants, and care about the fruit that they're growing"

Brianna Love | San Antonio, TX

How would you evaluate the taste and quality of the coffee?

"This is in our opinion the best coffee we have ever tasted. It was perfect and had no bitterness"

Andrew Wnuk | Kingston, PA