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We make income equality rock

At Indiegrow, we connect two worlds that share the same passion: Coffee.

We are driven by the purpose of increasing producers' income. We work hand in hand with small-scale women coffee producers in Colombia to bring them closer to consumers, making agriculture more attractive, profitable, and transparent.

How is Indiegrow different?

We work together with women coffee growers to co-create their own brand, implement revenue share models with women coffee producers and help them develop skills that translate into higher income for them. Plus, through the joint efforts with our experienced partners, we track the positive impact your purchases have on women producers lives and we share all the transformation stories with you.

That is a new way of doing business in the coffee industry.

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Our customers | Andrew Wnuk, Kingston, PA

"When I opened the package I was surprised how carefully each bag was wrapped. It showed me that the coffee was indeed special. The coffee we received was perfect and had no bitterness. The fact it was organically grown is impressive"

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50 AMIGAS - A new paragon in coffee

Great news! We are currently delivering freshly roasted coffee across the U.S!

More than 50 bags have been successfully delivered from New York to Seattle in a matter of days.

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What motivated you to start collaborating with us?

"How could you not be inspired by the craft & care that these women dedicate to their specialty coffee? I said yes without hesitation at the chance to help share their story and their hard work."

Alex Jeffries - TV Producer / 50Amigas Marketing Advisor

What motivated you to start collaborating with us?

"It is a pleasure for me to support initiatives such as 50 Amigas that help coffee growers value their coffee more, in addition to providing them training, tools, and new access to international markets."

Karen Attman, Latin American Coffee Academy | 50 Amigas content creator

What motivated you to start collaborating with us?

"I’m supporting 50 Amigas because their mission to provide consumers with a deliciously sustainable product while increasing female farmers' income aligns with my vision for a more equitable and sustainable world".

Brianna Love, Volunteer @ Indiegrow