Sustainable & Ethical Coffee

Brewing a Better World, One Cup at a Time.

Brewing a Better World, One Cup at a Time.

Coffee Farmers Stagnated for 20 Years. It's Time to Revolutionize the Industry.

Elevate Your Coffee: Uniqueness, Purpose, and Outstanding Flavor.

Elevate Your Coffee: Uniqueness, Purpose, and Outstanding Flavor.

We Help you Embrace Sustainability to Make an Impact and Attract more Customers.

Authenticity Matters: Embrace Sustainability to Attract and Retain more Customers.

Green Coffee Beans

Serve a Memorable Coffee Cup with an Inspiring Story.

Deliver a Memorable Cup and Inspiring Story.

Meet the Rising Demand for Sustainable & Ethical Coffee Choices.

Meet the Rising Demand for Sustainable & Ethical Coffee Choices.

Roasted Coffee Beans


Indiegrow is your gateway to sustainable coffee sourcing. We empower small coffee-growing communities and coffee businesses to co-create a brighter future for the industry.


For coffee businesses, we bring exceptional value by delivering high-quality beans, compelling storytelling, fresh content, and transparent traceability. Elevate your coffee shop or brand, establish deeper connections with customers, and forge a distinctive presence in the fiercely competitive market.


At our core, we work directly with vulnerable coffee communities, fostering quality improvements, amplifying their captivating narratives, identifying market demands, and simplifying coffee exports through a streamlined vertical supply chain.

Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with Us

Fuel your coffee brand, roastery, or shop with the benefits of supporting coffee farmers directly

Green Coffee Beans

Looking for the best Arabica coffee beans? How about washed, honey, or natural coffee beans? Start supporting coffee farmers' communities directly.
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Roasted Coffee Beans

Delight your customers with 50 Amigas coffee - sustainable specialty beans freshly roasted. Order now and start creating a positive impact today.
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Specialty Coffee Quality

We believe coffee farmers should be rewarded for their efforts to improve the quality of their coffee. Our QA team evaluates the coffee quality and provides continuous feedback, educating small coffee farmers. We feel proud of producers embracing specialty coffee, impacting positively their families. Currently, we work with 50 farmers, aiming for 500+ soon.

Storytelling & Content Creation

Empower your team with authentic content, stand out from competitors with captivating coffee stories. Enrich customer experience (social media & point of sale) with collaborative videos and content from coffee farming communities. Our design team tailors fresh content that aligns perfectly with your brand.

Traceability & Data

The coffee industry needs transparency & traceability. Access comprehensive impact data through a custom intelligence model. Communicate & share your impact effectively with customers, investors and all the people around your business.

Roadmap to Sustainability

Fostering meaningful change requires dedication, persistence, and hard work. Today, a small producer in Colombia receives USD 1.30 per pound of coffee. On average, a small producer owns a 4-hectare farm and produces about 2,000 kilograms of coffee per season, resulting in an annual income of US$5,000 and a profit of US$1,945, equivalent to USD 162 per month. Most small coffee farmers do not know where their coffee is consumed, and in some cases, they are unfamiliar with the taste of their coffee.


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Top Reviews

A cup fueled with purpose!
Alex JeffriesWednesday, Jan 25, 2023
A great organization with a clear mission supporting women coffee growers in Colombia who are driven to elevate their standing, their community, and their beans. (It doesn’t hurt that the coffee is tasty, too!)
Love it.
Amy EnglishTuesday, Feb 14, 2023
Fabulous coffee and an even better business model! I love that Indiegrow empowers women to know coffee quality, roast at source to produce excellent coffee and more income for women famers! Love it.
Smooth & velvety coffee :)
Angela MullerWednesday, Apr 12, 2023
I love this coffee! It is smooth and velvety and a fantastic way to start the day or take an afternoon break. What makes it even better is knowing that when you choose this coffee, you are supporting hard working female farmers in Colombia. It makes for a lovely gift as well with stylish packaging.


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