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Indiegrow | The power of connecting people

By Alejandro Vizcaino

At Indiegrow, we create a bridge between small-scale women coffee growers in Latin America and coffee lovers around the world who want to create change

50 Amigas coffee grower women colombia empowerment gender equality indiegrow

Our shared dreams 

Women coffee growers have struggled for decades in a male-oriented industry that often doesn’t give women coffee growers the opportunity to thrive.  But that’s not their only struggle. In many areas, they are subjected to internal conflict, gender inequality, forced displacement, and unpaid labor.

They dream of increasing their income, and we share that dream. We want to help them create new opportunities by selling their outstanding products directly to coffee lovers who appreciate their hard work, dedication to excellence, and resilience.

What we do

We work hand in hand with small-scale coffee producers in Colombia, to bring them closer to technologies that can make agriculture more attractive, profitable, and transparent. We reduce intermediaries and help coffee producers develop skills that translate into higher income for them.

To connect coffee growers with coffee lovers, we created an e-commerce platform that provides opportunities that can overcome gender inequality. Through that platform, we work with full transparency and traceability to promote responsible consumption by people who love coffee and also want to have a positive impact on coffee-growing communities.

These initiatives provide women in rural farming communities with the economic and social benefits they deserve. 

How we work

We create connection between two worlds by: 

  • Developing relationships with women coffee growers who produce specialty coffee.

  • Helping those women build great products and create a connection with the people who want to buy their coffee.

  • And then we ensure that the freshly roasted product is delivered to those coffee lovers in optimum conditions.

50 Amigas coffee grower women colombia empowerment gender equality indiegrow
    Not just any coffee

    We have just a few words for you about the coffee produced by these women coffee growers: 

    • Specialty coffee - it simply tastes like what is grown in Colombia.
    • Organic  
    • Transparency and traceability

    All the coffee has been produced by women coffee growers that have small farms in areas of Colombia that have been seriously affected by years of conflict and violence.

    Sharing knowledge

    Although higher income for these coffee growers is a main goal, we have an even more elevated goal: sharing the knowledge we have in branding, marketing and e-commerce. Knowledge empowers these women now, as well as into the future.

    They learn to see their role as community leaders in a new way, helping other women and their families to create new dreams and strengthen the values they have. 

    Social impact goes beyond just providing a service. It involves creating lasting change that levels the playing field for women coffee growers.


    50 Amigas coffee grower women colombia empowerment gender equality indiegrow

    Creating change

    At Indiegrow, our purpose is to create income equality and our main focus is to serve others, be proud of what we do, and work to change the way things are done in much of the coffee industry.

    We put our heart into improving income distribution in the agricultural industry while creating access to knowledge and tools that can improve the quality of life for hundreds of people.

    Our dream is to scale up the business model and extend these benefits to women coffee growers throughout Latin America.

    #movingforward #together

    Written by: Karen Attman - Latin American Coffee Academy 

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