50 Amigas Pioneras Edition | Organic | Single Origin (12oz)

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Live more sustainably by drinking specialty coffee

Let your senses be delighted by a balanced, sweet, with caramel notes and satisfying body cup of coffee. From the aromas in the bag to the fragrance as you’re brewing it to the knowledge that you’re having a positive impact on a community of women coffee growers and in the environment. 

Flavor notes: Nutty, Citric Fruits & Caramel | Low Bitterness.

Colombian Specialty Coffee  💚 ☕  Micro-lot farming: Coffee is grown on small farms that do not exceed 2 hectares 

5X Farmer Income Increase ✋ 🙋‍♀️

100% Transparency & Traceability. 

Eco-friendly: Reducing the Carbon Footprint. Reductions in water consumption, chemical usage and waste disposals. 🌱 🤩

Organic USDA & Fairtrade certified.


Coffee information:

Country: Colombia.

Type: Single Origin. 

Farmers: Rosa Rubio, Argenis Rosas, Maria Potosi & Melida Montero ❤️

Region: El Tambo, Cauca.

Roasting Profile: Medium roast.

Elevation Range: 1700 - 1850 m.

Processing Method: Washed. 

Drying Method: Parabolic - raised bed. 

Harvest: April - June.

Variety: Castillo. 

"The coffee was delicious. The story is even better. I hope the company has lasting positive impacts for the growers, their families and communities, and the environment in which they live and on which they depend"

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Rex Raimond | Louisville, CO

"The 50 Amigas coffee is SOOOO good! I enjoyed some myself and then bought some for my mother for mother's day. You can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and know that you are supporting some amazing women"

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Susan Romanski | Portland, OR

"We loved our Indiegrow 50 amigas Colombian coffee - it tastes great and supports a wonderful cause. Would strongly recommend to anyone"

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Jimmy McDonough | State College, PA

"A great organization with a clear mission supporting women coffee growers in Colombia who are driven to elevate their standing, their community, and their beans. (It doesn't hurt that the coffee is tasty, too!)"

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Alex Jeffries | Asheville, NC

"When I opened the package I was surprised how carefully each bag was wrapped. It showed me that the coffee was indeed special. The coffee we received was perfect and had no bitterness. The fact it was organically grown is impressive"

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Andrew Wnuk | Kingston, PA